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If you keep lots of data about your own life and your company’s life on any electronic device, then you need to think about using a two-factor verification process. After all, think of the data that could be accessed if the device fell into the wrong hands. Hackers don’t even need to get ahold of the actual device anymore. If you’re feeling worried, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Security is a Major Issue

While there are many issues that the news media tries to explain or make you aware of, the likelihood of your company experiencing a threat from a phishing attack is not one of them. The rate of phishing attacks goes up about 36 percent annually. Furthermore, about 95 passwords are stolen every second somewhere in the world. In order to get your password that is not protected by a two-step verification process often requires a hacker to only call your phone carrier.

Source: Phishing Statistics: What Every Business Needs to Know | Dashlane

Easy to Use

Two-step verification processes are incredibly easy to use. The first step is to log-in with your password as usual. Then your phone is given access to or is sent a unique code with a time limit on it. You must enter this second code within the time limit, but don’t worry. If you don’t put it in in time, they can quickly send you another one. While it could not be much simpler to use, this extra step helps keep your data much more secure.

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Maximum Security for All Types of Accounts

The threat from cyber attacks is continuously growing. In fact, the World Economic Forum named them the third largest problem facing the world today rating them only behind natural disasters and extreme weather. The issue will only get worse in years to come as companies become even more technology dependent. Do not let an attack ruin your or your customer’s lives.

Source: Cyberattacks are Third Largest Threat to Global Society | TechRepublic

Know When an Attack is Happening

Since a unique code is sent specifically to your device, you know in real time when someone is trying to get to your data. While two-step verification stops them in almost all cases, you will be alerted so that you can watch your accounts. Then, you can take additional steps to protect your vital information like your bank account numbers if necessary.


While many experts recommend that you change your passwords every 30 to 180 days, most people do not remember to do it, or they do not take the time. Requiring two-step verification keeps passwords constantly updated so that you can always be sure that your data is safe because the second part of the verification is good only for seconds. Some sites offer the option of handling two-step verification through an authentication app making it even easier to stay updated automatically.

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Keeping these facts in mind will help you protect your company and your private information. Get started on installing two-step verification on your company’s devices today. You have worked too hard for what you have to not keep it protected.
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