CES celebrated their 50th anniversary this year.

The “Top 10 from CES” post has become one of our most favorite (and most popular) posts we publish on our blog. We both walked about 20 miles each to bring you this information. You can also check out the album of photos on our Facebook page.
Here is a list of some of the best things we saw this year. They are in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. WHOOSH! Sanitech and Protech 24 cleaners.
We rely heavily on keeping equipment clean. Most of our clients are in health care, so things can get pretty crazy when it comes to germ exposure. Thankfully, WHOOSH! released some new products this year- including Sanitech and Protech 24. The Sanitech cleaner not only kills germs, but also removes all odors.

2. Lander Nebo case.
Lander released a new case at CES- Nebo. It’s sleek, has a strap AND it has a thermoline layer on the inside to help regulate the battery temperature. The entire Lander line is made for adventure and is well-worth the investment.

Panasonic’s “smart table” concept turns an every day table into a monitor.

3. goTenna.
One of the most useful things we spotted at CES this year was the goTenna product. It allows you to stay connected with others without a cell phone connection, which could be really useful for hiking and camping. It works off of tethering technology and by making a mesh network. Super cool!

4. Panasonic.
Panasonic kind of blew us away with some of their advancements in research and technology. They’ve reinvented cooking (again). The concept smart table was among our favorites. It basically combines functionality of a table with a computer monitor. They also had a film that allows glass to capture light instead of passing through it, which allows any window to become a projector screen.

5. Brydge Keyboard.
The Brydge keyboard for tablets is probably the most sleek keyboard we’ve seen. It’s manufactured to look like your tablet and has a durable frame with some water resistance. They’ve even teamed up with Otterbox and Nite Ize to make an all-in-one solution for functionality and durability.

6. iHealth.
iHealth is changing the way we take care of ourselves. They offer a whole suite of products to help you better track your own health by weight, blood pressure and even blood sugar levels. All the data syncs to an app that you can review yourself or export and take to your doctor’s office.

This year we met Dave Amato in the Gibson tent!

7. ReSound hearing aid.
ReSound has reinvented the hearing aid. Their LiNX model is a tiny, discreet hearing aid that you can control with an app on your phone. It also allows you to set certain common environments and you can adjust the presets based on your surroundings and set favorites for common environments.

8. Impossible Polaroid camera.
If you love Polaroid cameras, there’s still hope. Impossible has released a new camera and still manufactures film for some of your favorites. They purchased the last existing instant film factory known to mankind and reinvented a product that everyone loves!

9. Kubo robot.
Investing in the future of computer science education is always a top priority for us. We spotted this cool, little robot that makes it simple for young kids to understand the beginning concepts of coding. It works with different tile sets for programming and spelling. PS- they launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to launch!

10. sculpteo.
We’ve always been a fan of sculpteo since 3D printing made the debut at CES. The cool thing about them is that you can upload your designs and have them do all the work. Plus, they’re constantly expanding the materials and machines they offer. They even 3D printed a bike to ride from CES back to their office in San Francisco, CA.