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Jacy Smith
ReFresh IT

Adding Value for Support and Consulting Clients
Mesa, Arizona: ReFresh IT, a local company offering tech consultation and support services, is thrilled to announce an expansion of their services. In addition to meeting the Information Technology needs of businesses all over the US, ReFresh IT now offers retail products both to their clientele and other businesses.

“At ReFresh IT, we often have the opportunity to help customers identify exactly what technology their company needs—without overspending,” explains co-founder Jacy Smith. “Now, instead of sending them out with a shopping list to Amazon or a brick and mortar, we can meet those needs in a way that’s cost- and time-effective, both for the customer and for us.”

ReFresh IT’s foray into the retail market will focus on meeting all your organization’s computing and networking needs:

• Computers—laptops and desktops
• Various Operating Systems available, such as Windows© and Chrome
• Software subscriptions to protect against malware or process information, etc.
• Networking equipment and security products
• Peripherals such as keyboards, extra monitors, and ergonomic devices

Place an order with ReFresh IT by calling 480.331.3450.

About ReFresh IT: In 2013, ReFresh IT co-founders Burt Cigler and Jacy Smith combined their experience in information technologies and launched ReFresh IT to bridge the gap between people and technology. The dynamic duo behind ReFresh IT pride themselves on their ability to communicate with clients on a level that doesn’t make technology sound intimidating, and offer services that include technology audits, strategy development, IT consulting, web integrations, and mobile solutions, among others. For more information, visit