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ReFresh IT provides technical perspective on the future of hospice care at The Voice of VAHPC in September

Charlottesville, VA (September 23, 2014) — Nearly 65 hospice executives, leaders, and board members from across the commonwealth region, including J. Donald Schumacher, PsyD, President and CEO, of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, attended this year’s Virginia Association for Hospices & Palliative Care conference, The Voice of VAHPC Leadership Forum 2014. ReFresh IT sponsored the event, which was held on September 11 at the historic Boar’s Head Inn in Charlottesville.

Alongside National HME and Outcome Resources, ReFresh IT kicked off the conference by sharing industry insight from a technical perspective, followed by industry experts who reported on trends and expectations for palliative care, ethical practices, and education in the year to come.

ReFresh IT’s services are tailored to the hospice industry, offering everything from technology audits to strategy development, IT consulting, web integrations, and mobile solutions.

“One of the best ways we’ve discovered to help our clients is through a Technology Audit,” said Director of Technical Strategies, Burt Cigler. “This means rolling up our sleeves, going to our clients’ offices and taking inventory of their current setup. From there, we make recommendations on ways to improve and maintain system functionality.”

Through technology audits, ReFresh IT has been able to help clients cut annual costs by planning ahead, producing more reliable records, improving efficiency, streamlining employee communication, and ensuring that the required regulations and industry standards are met.

“It was a pleasure for us to share our knowledge of the technical world with today’s most highly regarded VAHPC leaders,” said Jacy Smith, Director of Digital Innovation. “We take pride in the services we offer our clients, and this forum was the ideal platform for us to speak about the technology that is paving the way for the modern future of hospice care.”

VAHPC conference

(From left to right): Brenda Mitchell, President of VAHPC; Jacy Smith, Brenda Clarkson, Executive Director of VAHPC; Burt Cigler.

About ReFresh IT:

In 2013, ReFresh IT co-founders Burt Cigler and Jacy Smith combined their experience in hospice information technologies and launched ReFresh IT to bridge the gap between people and technology. The dynamic duo behind ReFresh IT pride themselves on their ability to communicate with clients on a level doesn’t make technology sound intimidating, and offer services that include technology audits, strategy development, IT consulting, web integrations, and mobile solutions, among others.

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