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ReFresh IT Team Offers Award-Winning Housing Location Solutions for Co-Housing Candidates


Nashville, TN (October 21, 2014) — ReFresh IT founders were among the award recipients at the 2014 LeadingAge HackFest that took place at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel October 18-20, taking home the People’s Choice Award as part of Team CarreFours.
The LeadingAge HackFest is a two-day event that challenges teams of four to six randomly assembled participants to “engage with age” by creating a technology-driven tool—from software applications and websites, to interactive online experiences and devices—aimed at improving the lives of older adults and their families.
“The purpose of the LeadingAge HackFest is to bring together people who do not work in the field of aging: young technology people, sociology people, designers, business people, people of all ages, with older adults to solve the challenges of aging,” said Lili Dwight, the event’s organizer.
Team CarreFours received the People’s Choice Award, along with $1,000, for its project Living Well Together, which offers co-housing assistance and solutions. The tools and evaluation methods offered through Living Well Together help identify candidates for co-housing and pair them with companions, while generating recommendations for appropriate living spaces within their region.
Ten teams participated in this year’s competition, comprised of professionals from across the world, hailing from a variety of backgrounds and industries.
This year’s grand prize was awarded to Team Excite for their creation of GaitMaster, a tool that assesses risk factors related to falls by measuring gait and gait velocity through sensors placed on patients’ hips, knees, and ankles.
“This was my first HackFest experience and I was truly honored to have been chosen to participate,” said Burt Cigler, Director of Technical Strategies for ReFresh IT. “Working on a project directed toward the senior community went hand-in-hand with my passion for using technology to improve the lives of individuals as they age. It was an inspiring experience that really challenged me, and I enjoyed collaborating with the team to develop new solutions for the issues that face our aging population.”

About ReFresh IT:
In 2013, ReFresh IT co-founders Burt Cigler and Jacy Smith combined their experience in hospice information technologies and launched ReFresh IT to bridge the gap between people and technology.
The dynamic duo behind ReFresh IT pride themselves on their ability to communicate with clients on a level doesn’t make technology sound intimidating, and offer services that include technology audits, strategy development, IT consulting, web integrations, and mobile solutions, among others.
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