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Gumpdrop case I won’t lie. We’re always in search of quality products that prove themselves to hold up against some of the toughest conditions. Most of our clients work in industries that are not easy on devices. I think we found a good solution.

We first discovered Gumdrop Cases at CES in 2014. We were lured into their booth by an antimicrobial case that appealed to us for healthcare workers. They had an assortment of different options that were really impressive. They were at CES again when we went back this year and we were impressed with all of the products and cool things they’ve developed since the last time we saw them.

Gumpdrop caseI touched base with them last week to see if they were still up for a review. I got an email back (from the CEO!) right away who said they would be more than happy to participate. I was shocked at how quickly their team organized everything and got it shipped out. It’s like I blinked and everything was here.

To start, I was overly impressed with the installation of the Hideaway case onto our iPad Air 2. I’ve always had problems installing protective items on devices. Please don’t ask Burt about the number of air bubbles I get on screen protectors. It’s embarrassing.

Gumpdrop caseI immediately propped it up on the super functional, magnetic stand. It has two options- one for viewing things and the other for typing. All you have to do is flip the device around to use one mode or the other. Plus, when you’re done using the stand, you just have to kind of wiggle it and it snaps back into place.

The overall texture of the case is awesome. It’s a grippy, rubberized texture that helps with keeping ahold of your device. All of the ports are covered with a flap and the buttons seem to work just fine. They even have a hole in the replaceable screen protector so you can still use Touch ID! Gumpdrop case

The only issue we discovered was that our Square card reader wouldn’t fit into the headphone jack. Womp womp!

Seriously, though! Gumdrop makes a wide variety of cases for a ton of different devices (including cases for Chromebooks). It’s a great investment for anyone looking for some top-of-the-line protection.

PS- they sent us two cases to review so we shipped the other one off to a client in VA to get some additional healthcare industry feedback. We’ll post an update once he’s spent some time with it!

Also, if you have some free time… Check out their drop test videos so you can see how awesome their products are!