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The “Top 10 from CES” blog post is back for 2016. We didn’t have one from 2015 because we didn’t make it to Vegas. It’s all Burt’s fault.

The Intel display had over 40 things to do!

The Intel display had over 40 things to do!

Below were some items (in no particular order) that stood out to us. This time was quite the mix from different types of phone cases all the way to glasses that provided an altered sense of reality, but in real time.

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1. The eco-cover.
Everyone knows Jacy’s obsession with making sure technology is environmentally friendly. The eco-cover is the perfect solution for a phone accessory that meets those expectations. It’s made from non-GMO corn, colored with minerals, compostable AND made in the USA. We had to opportunity to try one out and it’s definitely a reliable case for the iPhone.

2. Smart glass screen protector.
Companies like Pure Gear and iPearl have come up with a GENIUS screen protector that extends the button functions from the top of the screen down to the bottom next to the home button. The screens contain tiny, invisible circuits that act as extensions. It’s great for people with small hands.

3. Augmented reality glasses by ODG.
We stopped in the ODG booth to see what all the commotion was and were amazed by the newest advancements in augmented reality. During the demo they provided, we were able to try on a pair of their glasses and see a real-time example of what they can do. This included looking at images of a hospital bed and a blue print. The glasses transform these images in the real time experiences, which would allow a doctor to see stats and conditions of their patients just by looking at them.

Satechi products

So many accessories to coordinate!

4. Bone conduction headset by LeTV.
LeTV had some awesome technology in their booth. The 4k TV displays were awesome. The smart bike was awesome. Everything was awesome… One thing really stood out the most was the bone conduction headset. They are headphones that sit on the outside of the head above your ear on the bone. This is ideal for people who still need to hear what’s going on or those who are hearing impaired.

5. Cybersecurity smart phone.
Macate released a new smartphone line (GATCA & beleci) that features their own software suite to protect the user. They work off of your own carrier, but the suite includes things like advanced encryption and really complex authentication.

6. Lynktec products.
We couldn’t pick a favorite product from the Lynktek product line. They have a super functional, advanced stylus for Apple products. They offer a suction kickstand with a 360 degree swivel, which means it doesn’t need any annoying or bulky attachments. In Q2, they’re releasing a no-contact smart thermometer that plugs into a smartphone.

7. WHOOSH! cleaner.
We’re always on the search for a reliable screen cleaner and I think we may have found one. WHOOSH is an all-natural, alcohol free cleaner that is really effective. It comes with a cleaning cloth that has an anti-microbial treatment applied to it. My favorite was spotting the stickers in the bathroom stalls that remind you not to “dirty text.”

We got to meet Iggy Pop at the Marshall booth

8. Gumdrop MacBook case.
We last saw Gumdrop at CES2013 and were impressed by some of the products they had back then. We stopped by to get an update and to see what was new and spotted the soft shell case for the MacBook. It’s one of the most impressive cases we’ve seen yet.

9. Satechi Type-C USB adapter.
Satechi is the place to check out if you’re looking for coordinating accessories for your Apple products. One of the most handy ones we spotted was the USB hub/adapter. It offers an extension of many functions and adds some additional space in the type-c fashion.

10. More cases.
There were two additional cases worth noting. Bodyguardz showed us the unequal case made with the same material that is used to keep professional athletes safe. It was designed to absorb impact by reducing its acceleration… all for your phone.
Speck (always a fave) filled us in on the MightyShell + Faceplate combo. It’s a phone case that has a really nice screen protector designed to work with the case and the protector is anti-microbial. Unlike other bulky cases, the screen protector is independent and sits directly on the screen instead of it being attached to the case.

 That’s all for now. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for more photos. Hopefully we’ll be back next year as long as Burt doesn’t ruin it again.