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Another strain of ransomware has been spotted in the wild. According to threatpost, it’s considered worse than the WannaCry outbreak. More details in this article

Although we are not a cybersecurity firm, we wanted to post a few things you can do to protect yourself and your organization from these extremely malicious attacks that could immediately halt operations and cause irreversible damage.

  1. For servers located at your business, backup all information on a regular basis and keep that backup offline somewhere like on an external NAS device with no internet connection. If you don’t have a server on-site, services like CrashPlan and Carbonite are great solutions.
  2. Test your disaster recovery plan- if you have one. In the event that your entire organization is taken down, it’s important to test how you will operate.
  3. Be careful what you click on. The majority of attacks spread through spam emails that are targeted at top-level employees since they likely have the most access.
  4. Make sure your computers and devices are updated. Microsoft actually released the patch for WannaCry back in March.
  5. Purchase and install an advanced anti-virus product, such as Malwarebytes. Most anti-virus/anti-malware companies have a free version, but they don’t have the real-time protection feature.

There are multiple companies that post information about the progression of active attacks and trends in security issues. Follow Fortinet, SonicWall or Malwarebytes for up-to-date information.

Please let us know if you would like to schedule a security evaluation or have any questions about how to improve your company’s overall security practices.