Tips & Tricks for Windows 10

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Tips & Tricks for Windows 10:

Secret Start Menu
One small but useful feature of Windows 10 is that you can right click on the Start menu and it will list a variety of administrative tools. It’s a quick short-cut to access important features.

Pin to Taskbar
Another small but useful trick is right clicking on application shortcuts and selecting “Pin to taskbar”. You can drag and drop an icon directly to the taskbar and it will add a quick shortcut to access a specific program.

Pin to Start
Right clicking on application shortcuts also has the option to pin a program to the tiles in the Start menu.

Customizing Tiles
Right clicking on the tiles within the Start menu also allows for customization of these tiles. You can pin/unpin an application or adjust the size of the tile. You can also drag and drop any tile where you’d like it within the designated area. If you prefer to have a group of tiles clustered into a group, you can drag and drop one tile on top of the other and it will subcategorize these tiles into their own tile. You can click on the category itself and rename that particular section of tiles or you can drag and drop a section of tiles also.

Enabling GodMode
GodMode is a feature that came about with Windows 7 and is still with us in Windows 10. It’s a secret folder that contains a wide array of settings and tools that you’d normally have to access in completely separate folders of one another.
How to access GodMode:

  1. Right click on your desktop > go to “New” > then click on “Folder”
  2. Copy this string of text GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
  3. Paste this into the new folder name and press “Enter”
  4. A control panel icon is created and GodMode is enabled and accessible right from the desktop.

Background Scrolling
One small feature is background scrolling on Windows 10. Having this enabled allows you to scroll through an inactive window on your desktop when you hover your mouse over it. Simply go to Start Menu > Windows Settings > Devices > Mouse > Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them > On or Off