I.T. is your foundation


When you look at your business or organization, what do you see as your foundation? Take a minute or two and think about that question. If you didn’t answer IT, you should reconsider the importance technology plays in your day-to-day operation.

Over the years of providing services to a variety of different businesses, ReFresh IT has had the opportunity to see how IT infrastructure is viewed. We often get calls when businesses aren’t functioning because their internet or phones are down. After some troubleshooting and testing, a majority of the time it is due to poor or mismanaged networks. It is important to realize early in the process that IT infrastructure creates a solid foundation for the rest of the organization to function successfully. In a world where technology continues to grow and evolve, we work with businesses to create that solid base so that technology doesn’t leave them behind.

For example, a business has decided to expand and is ready for a new phone system. In many cases, the most cost-effective solution is a VoIP (Voice over IP) system. The first thing that the service provider will need to be sure of is a solid IT network. A solid network is critical to provide the best performance for these types of services. If your phones or internet are not working properly, then it becomes extremely difficult to communicate with your customers. There was a time when the phone provider didn’t have to worry about what was happening with the data provider and vice versa. Now it is critical for services to work together to function effectively.

The IT foundation is critical to the success of nearly every department in a business. As tech products continually move to “the cloud,” there is an ever-growing need to have a reliable foundation. It is difficult to stress how important it is to invest in the proper business-grade products to accomplish this task. Consumer models rarely provide the same level of reliability and security needed in an office environment. We work with our customers closely to provide the most effective solutions while keeping their budgets in mind.

If your internet goes down today what would happen? Do you know how many systems and departments would be affected? Gone are the days of IT being an afterthought. Instead IT should be your first consideration.