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This week’s “app of the week” isn’t just an app, but we didn’t know how to categorize such a robust business tool. If you’re looking for a new payroll or HR solution, you should definitely check out the products TAG has to offer. After the demo, we were all blown away by the ease of use, helpful and efficient features available all in one place. It’s truly a software product that makes the life of any business owner easier. You can check out more information about them here:

Here are a few things that we liked the most…

  • Real-time, mobile time keeping that reduces the difficulty of tracking complex payroll systems and enables integrated job costing.

  • TAG’s Employee self-service dashboard is fully configurable and provides fast, easy access 24/7 on any device.
  • Assign company assets to employees and keep track of them. Upon termination ensure return or payroll deduction.
  • Monitor required licensures or certifications and when renewals are due.
  • GPS tracking and facial recognition technology to prevent “buddy punching” or time theft.
  • Time off requests. The reason for the request is visible to management only and an email notification is sent directly to the manager for approval.

All of these features are just a small sliver of what TAG has to offer overall!