Through our work for various companies, we discovered the need for a liaison between people and technology. We want to help bridge the gap that separates people from innovation. Nearly everyone has a technology at their fingertips, but aren’t aware of all of the capabilities it holds. The options available in today’s market can be overwhelming to business owners, but we are hoping to bring clarity and simplicity to the decision making process. ReFresh IT was formed in 2013 to help business owners understand what they need and how to implement that plan.

More about our founders.

Burt Cigler

Director of Technical Strategies

Burt CiglerHello.
I guess this is where I am supposed to tell you a little about myself so here we go… Hang on tight; this could be a bumpy ride. I can remember the entire time I was growing up that I loved taking things apart and trying to put them back together. The keyword there is trying. There were successes and failures, but I was always learning along the way. I didn’t exactly take the common path to the IT world, which I consider to be an asset. Each experience has given me the ability to look at the big picture for our clients in new and creative ways. Not only do I bring a technical knowledge to the table, but I can communicate with our clients on a level that doesn’t make technology sound intimidating.

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Jacy Smith

Director of Digital Innovation

Jacy SmithI love technology.
I was among the first of two students to graduate from Arizona State University’s Science, Technology and Society program. Ever since then, I’ve been slightly obsessed with the impact of technology on the world in which we live.
I’m all about implementing technologies to improve the condition, which basically means finding ways to make things better for everyone.

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