Business IT Consulting

ReFresh IT is a nationwide consulting service based in the Phoenix-metro area. One of our main focus areas is assisting businesses make the difficult decisions related to technology infrastructure and processes. We can help all businesses in the decision making process, as well as the implementation plan and follow-up maintenance plan. Allowing an outside resource to come in and transition a business allows staff to continue focusing on continuity. It is our goal to let them continue to serve customers while we handle the administrative and IT aspects of the process.

Planning the transition of technology can help an organization stay compliant and increase efficiency. ReFresh IT is dedicated to helping businesses implement their transition at any stage of the process. If there is not a current technology solution, we can also help research and find the best options available. Our goal is to partner with businesses and their staff to make the smoothest transfer to updated technology as possible.

Please contact us today for more information on how we can start helping with the transition to more efficient technology.


  • Software product research
  • Transition planning
  • Telecom audits
  • Network security consulting
  • Staff training