Bulk Support Plans

Person plugging Ethernet into switchIn today’s day and age, it’s increasingly important to update and maintain I.T. systems and devices. New threats and attacks are added every second. It’s best for any business to keep on top of the maintenance instead of falling behind and potentially hindering their operation. For example, you wouldn’t want to drive your car for too long with the check engine light flashing. This only results in costly repairs down the road.

We’ve designed a few Bulk Support Plans to help address this issue, regardless of the size of your business. Businesses will be evaluated based on their size, number of employees and number of devices. There are no contracts and plans can be changed at any time based on needs.

White Level $200/month

This plan is designed for startups and single person businesses.

  • 2 hours of support
  • 1 hour of maintenance

Gold Level $550/month

This plan is designed for small businesses.

  • 5 hours of support
  • 2 hour of maintenance

Blue Level $975/month

This plan is designed for small to medium businesses.

  • 10 hours of support
  • 3 hour of maintenance

Black Level $1450/month

This plan is designed for medium businesses.

  • 15 hours of support
  • 5 hour of maintenance

Looking for more support? Feel free to contact us for custom enterprise-level plans or check out our reactive support information.